Neon Night Sky Signs (Pack of 3)

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Type: Neon Signs

These SUPER cute Neon Night Sky Signs are perfect for displaying on your wall or just to rest on a shelf, table, or dresser in any room! 

Sizes of each sign: Moon is 11.81" x 7.09," Star is 11.02" x 11.02," and Cloud is 11.81" x 7.48"

They each have an on-off switch to operate or USB plug.

Easy to assemble: Each sign requires 3 AA batteries (not included). There is also a USB plug on each sign to use instead of the battery boxes. Do not have the battery box turned on and the USB plugged in at the same time as this will cause the lights to burn out and no longer work. 

There are 2 hanging hook holes on the Cloud sign and 1 hanging hook hole on the Star and Moon. These hook holes allow you to display the signs on your wall.  Hardware to hang the signs is not included.

Safe to use: The signs are low voltage, so you can place them almost anywhere and don't need to worry about them overheating! There is no risk of glass breakage or leakage of hazardous materials. 

No bulbs + low energy consumption = long lifespan.

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