Kyanite Ore - Blue Crystals

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Kyanite Ore - Blue Crystals

  • weight: 35-65g
  • size: 19*40*60*95mm
  • quantity: 1pcs
  • Style: Pastoral Style
  • Regional Feature: europe
  • Material: Organic Material
  • Material: Kyanite
  • Feature: Healing Stone
  • Colour: Blue


Bring a touch of natural beauty and spiritual energy to your home or healing space with our 1PCS Natural Kyanite Raw Ore Irregular Energy Stone. This unique piece of spiritual decor is expertly crafted from high-quality Kyanite, making it a one-of-a-kind gemstone decoration that is perfect for healing, meditation, or simply as a decorative accent.

Kyanite is a powerful stone that is believed to promote mental clarity, emotional balance, and inner peace. Its association with the throat chakra makes it an excellent tool for enhancing communication skills and self-expression. The raw, irregular shape of the Kyanite stone creates a unique energy flow that may enhance spiritual growth and energy healing. Whether you use it as a collectible, a souvenir, or a gift, our Natural Kyanite Raw Ore Irregular Energy Stone is a must-have for anyone looking to harness the spiritual benefits of Kyanite.

1PCSNatural Kyanite Raw Ore Irregular Energy Stone Reiki Healing Sornamental Stone Collect Souvenir Home Decoration Gifts

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