Nordic Modern Shell LED Nightlight: Ceramic Pearl Lamp for Bedrooms, Studies, and Living Rooms

Type: 0

Illuminate your nights with the soft glow of our Nordic Modern Shell LED Nightlight. Crafted in a unique shell design, this ceramic pearl lamp brings a touch of the sea to your home. Ideal for bedrooms, studies, and living rooms, it casts a soothing light that's perfect for winding down in the evenings. As a decorative desktop ornament, it enhances your space with its stylish Nordic design. Easy to use and captivating to look at, our shell nightlight transforms your nightly routine into a tranquil experience. Dive into serenity with our Nordic Modern Shell LED Nightlight.

Wattage: 0-5W


Power Source: Button Battery

Power Generation: Switch


Body Material: Ceramic

Battery Type: Button Cell