Multicolor Pluffy™ Tie-Dyed Duvet


Are you looking for a more comfortable sleep experience? Our Multicolor Pluffy™ Tie-Dyed Duvet will add the perfect level of comfort to your sleep... it's TIE-DYE for! It's so Plush, Soft, and Fluffy! Not to mention, the duvet cover is handmade with super soft materials that are built to last AND 100% cruelty free! Find this duvet ONLY at DormVibes! 

All of our Multicolor Pluffy™ Tie-Dyed Duvets are handmade to order and due to a high influx of orders, they take about 2-3 weeks to arrive.

What's Included:

  • 1 Duvet Cover 
  • This does NOT come with pillow shams. Only our bed sets come with pillow shams. 
  • This is not a comforter. This is a duvet cover and the duvet insert is sold separately
  • There are corner ties inside the duvet cover to secure the duvet insert to. This prevents the duvet from shifting inside of the cover.
  • Note: If you would like a duvet to put inside of the duvet cover, then visit the Duvet Inserts page.

What it's Made of:

  • The front of the duvet cover is made with 100% polyester plush material.  
  • The back of the duvet cover is made with super soft crystal velvet material. 
  • Super Cozy Fabric 
  • Unique Variations in the Tie-Dye Patterns Result From the Duvet Covers Being Handmade. 
  • Made with Faux Fur (100% Cruelty Free!) 

Care Instructions: 

  • Easy to clean; Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat. You can also hang to dry.
  • Wash and dry the duvet insert separately. 

How Long It Takes: 

  • This duvet is handmade to order, so it takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive (from the date of order placement). This longer than usual wait time is due to a high influx of orders. 


  • Our Multicolor Pluffy™ Tie-Dyed Duvets (and all bedding that is handmade to order) are final sale. No exceptions made.