Create an Eye-Catching and Stylish Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights - DormVibes

Create an Eye-Catching and Stylish Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights

Create an Eye-Catching and Stylish Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights

DormVibes Color Changing Wall Lights.


Everyones dream is to have aesthetic rooms with led lights. A place where they can feel comfortable and relaxed after school or work. The best thing about our store is we make it easy for you to design your room exactly as you wish. One item that is versatile and will help anyone match the vibe they’re going for, is our Dormvibes color changing wall lights. These color changing curtain string lights are perfect and easily hangable in any room of your house. With hooks, they’re super easy to use and keep up. Made with high quality LED bulbs, these string lights should last years with no issues! Since they are made with LED bulbs, they use almost no electricity. Less than $2 per year of electricity if you never turned them off. These are the perfect lights for any room; living room, dorm room, bed room, attic, basement, play room, bathroom, shower, etc. With these lights, we help create the most aesthetic bedrooms with led lights.

Why else are our color changing led lights the best fairy lights for your room? Well, they change to over 16 solid colors and settings to match your room exactly. Do you enjoy baddie aesthetic rooms with led lights? Or is your aesthetic indie, pretty, artsy, kawaii, grudge, edgy or maybe even gothic? Our color changing LED lights make the best vibes for your room and will match anything! 

Girl having a cozy room with Dorm Lights

Setting up the color-changing led lights - 

How to setup color changing lights

You should be gentle with your string lights after removing them from the package to prevent them from tangling! Before removing the ties, hang up the individual hooks. When the lights have been hung and the ties have been removed, you are ready to plug them in. The lights will light up your room once you plug them in (or use the app if you purchased the app-controlled version). Everyone's dream room can be created instantly with these lights.

How are the wall lights looking? Great! Now let’s take a look at the other great room decor that matches perfectly with the color changing fairy led lights. 

Have you seen our LED Neon Wall Hanging Signs?

Wall Hanging Neon Signs

LED neon wall signs are the perfect addition to your led curtain lights! Depending on your needs, we offer battery-operated signs or USB-powered signs. With LED Neon Lights, you can create an atmosphere that matches your mood. Regardless of whether you want it to be energetic or calm, there is a neon sign that will suit your needs to create aesthetic rooms with led lights. It’s a way to add a little bit of pizzaz, some of your personal touch to the room! Nothing makes your room better than having little touches of decor that your friends will be able to identify as decor that matches you!  

Our Neon Love Sign is easily our most popular led wall sign -

Love Neon Signs

Neon signs are super easy to set up and can be powered by USB or batteries. They are perfect for a birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Christmas decoration, literally anything! This Love LED neon light creates a romantic and warm environment. Family, lovers, girlfriends, girls, and children can all benefit from it as gifts. It’s just a very chill simple addition to your room that will definitely make a difference. 

Want to add good vibes to your room or chilling area? Our Good Vibes Neon wall Sign is exactly what you’re looking for. - 

Good Vibes Neon Sign

This sign can be hung easily with thumbtacks or command strip hooks! It will instantly transform any room it is placed in with its super bright, good quality neon sign. Your friends and family will instantly feel better and enjoy the atmosphere of your nice room as they walk into your room and see the sign. 

We truly have neon signs for everyone, Check out our Lady Behind Neon Sign

Back Side Neon Sign

Looking for a baddie aesthetic rooms with led lights? This Lady Behind sign for you! Instantly make your room give off a bit more of a baddie aesthetic! As with all of our neon signs, this lady behind sign is low voltage, so you can place it almost anywhere without worrying about it overheating! There is no risk of glass breakage or leakage of hazardous materials. 

Are you feeling a little out of this world? Our Green Alien Neon Sign is one of our newest signs and is the perfect Wall Decor to put in a bedroom, Shop, Bar, Pub, Man Cave, Game Room Decor, Hip Hop Party, etc. Whenever it is located in a room, its great green color is reflected throughout! Additionally, it's a humorous wall sign that will catch people's attention.


Green Neon Sign

It's easier than you think to create aesthetic bedrooms with led lights. There are many people who don't know where to begin, but we make it easy for you. We offer a wide range of products including tapestries, rugs, all different kids of led lights, bed sets, and so much more!

If you are interested in even more string lights and curtain lights besides the ones mentioned previously in the article, you’re in luck! We have a whole variety of different high-quality fairy lights for you! We have warm white curtain lights, ice white curtain lights, and color changing curtain lights  Just click here to see them all.

Color Changing Curtain Lights
Since we know everyone is unique 🙂 If you are a fan of our color changing led lights, we have a bundle with our color changing ceiling lights!

Color Changing Wall Lights

Anyone looking to transform their room will appreciate our Color Changing Room Lights Bundle. You'll be able to see how your entire room transforms and emits exactly the atmosphere you desire. Are you ready to wind down for the day? Put your entire room on red and relax! Are you looking to complete some homework? You can stimulate your brain by picking a bright green color. Using our lights opens up a world of possibilities. You'll have perfectly lit space with the 310 LED lights in the ceiling and 200 LED lights in the wall.  

These are just a few examples from the endless possibilities of led lighting. Get creative, and have fun designing your dream room!

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