12 Constellation Tapestries Tarot Boho Wall Hanging

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Boho Tapestry

Create a celestial paradise in your room with our 12 Constellation Tapestries! This gorgeous wall hanging features intricate details of stars, sun, and tarot cards that will transport you to a mystical realm. Made with premium materials, this tapestry is perfect for any boho or trippy decor style. Hang it in your bedroom or living room to add a touch of aesthetic to your space. You can also use it as a beach mat for your next seaside adventure. Our tapestry is versatile and durable, making it an excellent addition to any home decor collection.

This particular item is being shipped from one of our international warehouses. While this may result in a slightly longer shipping time, we are happy to offer this option to make our products more accessible to customers outside of the US.  


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