Soft Plush Pumpkin Hug Pillow: Round Shape Creative Sofa Throw Cushion, Comfortable Sleep Toy Gift for Home Decor

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Embrace the comfort of our Soft Plush Pumpkin Hug Pillow. This round-shaped throw cushion features a unique pumpkin design that adds a fun, creative touch to your home decor. Measuring either 18cm or 35cm, it's the perfect size for hugging or resting your head. The soft plush material ensures comfort and relaxation, whether you're taking a nap or just lounging on the sofa. This plush pillow isn't just a cushion—it's also a comforting sleep toy and a charming gift. With our Soft Plush Pumpkin Hug Pillow, you can bring a dash of whimsy and a lot of comfort into your home.


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