President Trump Buddhist State Desk Ornament

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President Trump Buddhist statue 

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Add a touch of humor to your desk decor with our latest addition to the desk ornament collection - the President Dump A Trump Buddhist statue. This unique and funny desk ornament features the greatest Donald Trump Buddha in all its glory. Made from high-quality materials, this fancy desk Trump decor will add a touch of charm and character to your workspace. Perfect for the politically inclined or for anyone who enjoys a good laugh, this Donald Trump Buddha Buddhist statue is the perfect addition to your desk or office. Shop now and give your workspace a unique and fun touch with this one-of-a-kind desk ornament.

Size: 16*13.8*9cm

This particular item is being shipped from one of our international warehouses. While this may result in a slightly longer shipping time, we are happy to offer this option to make our products more accessible to customers outside of the US. 



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