Pluffy™ Bean Bag

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Type: Bean Bags
Color - Dark Gray

Introducing our Pluffy ™ Bean Bag, the most relaxing addition to any room! 😍

Experience what it’s like to sleep on a giant cloud by ordering our new Pluffy™ Bean Bag! ☁️   


What's Included: 

  • 1 Pluffy Bean Bag Cover + 1 Memory Foam Insert 🙏

What it's Made of:

  • The filling is made of 100% long-lasting memory foam 🤤
  • The cover is made of super soft 100% polyester faux fur 
  • These bean bags are built to last as they are made to order with top quality materials! 
  • Dimensions; 7ft Bean Bag (70" x 35"), 5ft Bean Bag (52" x 30")
  • Yes, it's 100% cruelty-free! 🐇 

Care Instructions: 

  • Super easy to wash the Pluffy  Bean Bag cover and keep clean.
  • Remove the bean bag cover, wash it on gentle cycle in cold water, and hang to dry.
  • Do NOT open the bag of filling as it is not meant to be cleaned and the filling will spill out! 


  • These currently take around 1-2 weeks to arrive due to the products being hand-made, high order volumes, and the weight of the 100% memory foam insert.
  • Bean bag cover and insert are shipped separately. 
  • Free Shipping on ALL U.S. orders! 📦


  • All of our bean bags are final sale, no exceptions made.


The bean bag presented in the photo is 7 feet and Dark Gray. #beanbag


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