Memory Foam Pluffy® Dog Cat Bed

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Memory Foam Fluffy Dog Bed

Indulge your furry friend with the ultimate comfort of our Memory Foam Pluffy® Dog Cat Bed Mat. Made with high-quality plush material, this bed mat offers a luxurious and soft cushioning that your pet will love. Whether you have a small, medium, or large dog, our bed mat is perfect for all breeds. The removable cover makes cleaning effortless, keeping your pet's bed clean and fresh at all times. Not only does it offer superior comfort, but it also provides a calming and cozy space for your pet to relax and rest. Upgrade your pet's sleeping experience with our Pluffy™ Dog Bed Mat and give them the cozy oasis they deserve.

  • size: s/m/l/xl
  • material: coral fleece
  • color: gray, powder white, coffee white, dark gray
  • Wash Style: Mechanical Wash
  • Type: Dogs
  • Product Category: dog bed / cat bed
  • Material: Coral Fleece
  • Item Type: Bed & Mat Covers
  • Feature: Removable Cover

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