Desk Ornament Disco Ball UFO Space World

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Desk Ornament Disco Ball UFO Space World

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Bring an out-of-this-world touch to your room decor with our mesmerizing Desk Ornament Disco Ball UFO Space World. This unique ornament is designed to add a cosmic flair to any desk, living room or even as a Christmas decoration. Its shiny surface, resembling a UFO, reflects light in a stunning way that is sure to capture your attention. Perfect for those who love the boho aesthetic, this desk ornament will bring a sense of adventure and imagination to any space. Best of all, with free shipping on all items, you can enjoy this celestial decor without any added costs. Get ready to take your room decor to new heights with our Desk Ornament Disco Ball UFO Space World!


Size: 20*20cm/7.87*7.87inch

Material: foam+mirror+stainless steel


This particular item is being shipped from one of our international warehouses. While this may result in a slightly longer shipping time, we are happy to offer this option to make our products more accessible to customers outside of the US. 



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