Aesthetic Strawberry-Shaped Scented Candle: Soy Wax

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Elevate your ambiance with our strawberry-shaped scented candle, crafted from soybean wax for a cleaner burn. Perfect for weddings, hotels, or home aromatherapy, this fragrance candle adds a touch of elegance and sweet aroma to any room, making it an ideal decor piece.

【Portable Canned Candles】 - Beautiful looking, lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for home.

【Package Include】: 1 PCS x Scented Candle.
【Burning time: 】0.5-1hours.

【About how to use:】
1. Cut the wick length 8mm before lighting.
2. After extinguishing, place the candle wick in the center of the candle.
3. According to different combustion conditions, soybean essential oil wax may break.
4. Do not place the candle in the sun or fluorescent lamp and other strong light irradiation.
5. It is normal that the texture of winter and summer candles will be slightly different.
6. Scratches or the slightest touch of your nails can leave marks.

1.Due to difference light and display, the color of the product might slightly different from the actual.

2.Manual measurement has a little of error, hope you can understand.



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