Exposed Brick Wallpaper

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Type: Decals
  • Add this SUPER CUTE white brick wallpaper to add some character to your bedroom/any room! 
  • Easy to cut and instalI– Just peel and stick! It has a grid on the back for easier cutting. 
  • Sizes: 17.7" x 118.1(covers 2088 sq in), 17.7" x 196.9" (covers 3469 sq in), & 17.7" x 393.7" (covers 6968 sq in).
  • Bricks can be lined up - There is a repeating pattern (every 8 lines the bricks repeat) within the brick layout to match the pieces easier. 
  • Our brick wallpaper already has adhesive on the back, so you don't need to buy glue before installing. 
  • High-quality Eco-Friendly PVC material, won't ruin the paint on the walls and leaves ZERO residue behind after removal.
  • Before you put this brick wallpaper on, please make sure the wall surface is flat, dry, and clean. 
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